The ReMind programme is a
cognitive-behavioural approach
to supporting young people
with high anxiety

We are also available for training
on a range of mental health,
safeguarding, and related topics

Anxiety is a big issue. The NHS estimates that over 2.3 million young people in Britain live with a probable mental health disorder, with anxiety as the most common reason for young people being referred to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services*.

Those with a probable mental disorder are twice as likely to miss school than those unlikely to have such a disorder.

Covid and the cost of living crisis have made matters worse.

Learning, stress tolerance, confidence, motivation, and personal relationships are all adversely affected by poorly managed anxiety. And yet, across England, six in ten children and young people do not receive treatment for problems such as anxiety and depression.

The ReMind programme grew out of a need for earlier intervention in supporting young people who struggle with heightened anxiety. It aims to equip young people with a range of evidence-based tools to help them to cope with the stresses of everyday life, thus averting the development of potentially more harmful anxiety issues.

ReMind is based on cognitive behavioural approaches and is designed to be delivered by teachers, youth workers, nurses and mental health practitioners. The programme is supported by a leader’s manual, a learner’s journal, and numerous online resources.

* click to see citations. Additional citations can be found in the Leader's Manual.

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